Social media marketing on twitter seems a very daunting task at first but once mastered it can up your product exposure and customer following to a whole new level. Twitter, one of the fastest growing social media platforms, unfortunately is not being utilized at its full potential from a business point of view. Businesses don’t realize the true power twitter holds in terms of giving them leverage in marketing and product exposure. Today we will take a look at how we can seize the attention of twitter users and be in the public spotlight. Below are some insights by our experts on social media marketing on twitter that can be utilized to get large number of followers on twitter and establish strong fan base for your venture:




Step #1. Research

Before getting yourself involved on twitter, you must research everything about how businesses that are similar to yours are utilizing the platform. Study your competitors and take a look at how they are carrying out their social media activities. Dive deep into their accounts and look for their successful tweets and try to figure the reasons behind that tweet’s success. Was it the timing? Or was the tweet really well thought of? Once you know how your end target customer behaves like on twitter, you will be better equipped to have a successful social media account.



Step #2. Add value to your follower’s lives

Twitter is not actually a place of making sales or pitching how awesome your products are. Simple industrial actions of getting promotions will not work on social media platforms. You must tweet things that makes your target market want to follow you. Things like adding interesting bio, using visual aid, posting useful infographics and making attractive tweets should be your main priority. Remember it’s not about you on twitter, it’s about your target market and doing what they like.



Step #3. Follow relevant people and accounts

Follow influencers and trend setters who are operating in your business domain. You will get industry insights from these people that you won’t get elsewhere. Use this information to your advantage by taking decisions accordingly and making relevant tweets.



Step #4. Make relationships

Social media marketing on twitter is all about making relationships with your target customer. That means if someone comments on your tweets or retweets your posts, try to answer them as soon as possible so that your followers don’t feel left out.  Be brief in your comments and try to be respectful towards people. Communicate with people, discuss different ideas with them and latest activities regarding your field.



Step #5. Use Hashtags

The most captivating tweets are those which use relatable and trending hash tags. They get double number of clicks as compared to normal tweets. Also be careful not be repetitive while using hashtags and link them with the subject of the tweet. As a rule of thumb, there should not be more than three hashtags per tweet. For example, if you are talking about sales of your product use hashtags like #it_works, #largest_record, #success etc.



Step #6. Be patient

When it comes to social media one should remain patient and persistent and should focus on achieving good relationships with your target customer. If your account actually adds value to your customers lives, your social media campaign will prove to be the most beneficial one among all your marketing activities.



Step #7. Keep an eye on your tweet analytics

Twitter offers you a service for knowing details of your activities and provides you enormous ways of increasing the number of your followers. Keep an eye out for all this data and make relevant adjustment to your campaign from time to time.

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