If you are a millennial and reading this blog, then like us, Disney has ruined you. We have simply been seeing Disney flicks all our childhood and they were our source of knowledge on everything related to love and happiness. We were told that everything works out in the end and the good guys, like us, get to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, that’s not real. And so are our characters, they just aren’t real ☹ But what if they were? Well a famous Finnish graphic design student Jirka Vinse worked on this question and created the answer for all of us to see. Below are the illustrations of your favorite characters from Disney movies that we all have come to love. Here’s a feast for your eyes!





Princess Jasmine


The classic tale of how a simple street boy can also make it work with a princess. This is a story about optimism, destiny and of course true love.



Alice In Wonderland


This classic tale from Lewis Carrol is a true piece of literary art. The imagination and courage of Alice are what makes her unique and lovable.







Just believe in destiny. Everything has a way of working itself out if you do good to others.



Beauty and the Beast



Prince Adam

‘She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within!’ What an amazing movie this was and Belle surely had all our hearts because of her amazing personality.




Princess Merida

Merida is what true princess thinks like. The way she carries herself, on the other hand, needs a little improvement.






Prince Charming

Need we say anything about this? This is one story every person knows about. Whoever thought it would revolve around a glass shoe?




Princess Anna


Princess Elsa



The two amazing sisters from Frozen had our hearts from the start. The characters of frozen teach us about sacrifice, courage and believing in ourself.







The Greek hero and his muse need no introduction. We love them both.



The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Princess Esmeralda


Captain Phoebus

An amazing tale showing heroes come in all shapes and forms.





A recently released movie with a princess who can sing, dance and save her whole tribe from extinction.






Captain Li Shang

Our favorite Asian couple ever. Period.



Peter Pan

Tinker Bell


Peter Pan

Just because you’re little does not mean you can’t be a hero. Peter pan shows us we can.






John Smith

A story about star crossed lover. Pocahontas deserves all the love in the world.



Princess and the Frog

Princess Tiana


Prince Naveen

Maybe the only black princess Disney ever worked on. Nevertheless, Princess Tiana is a beauty with a heart of gold.



Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora


Prince Phillips

Princess Aurora is a very patient princess. Waiting for the prince to wake her up from the deep slumber is not an easy task afterall.



Snow White

Snow White


Prince Ferdinand

An amazing tale of a princess who is fairer of them all.






Flynn Rider

This is our favorite couple from all Disney movies.







The illustration of Jane just takes our breath away. Tarzan on the other hand, well the chin is on point.



The little mermaid



Prince Eric

Whoever thought mermaids can be so beautiful. Disney made it a fact.