Korean beauty is a worldwide phenomenon and why wouldn’t it be? Koreans are very obsessive when it comes to their skin and hair care. Combine their obsession with the awesome K-Beauty products and the result is a nation with flawless skin and amazing hair. So you want to jump on this bandwagon too? Well today we are presenting the top rated Korean beauty products that actually follow through on their claim and give amazing results. So wait no more and explore these wonderful gifts from Korea!

P.S. This is not a sponsored article. All the products presented are because of their reviews and cult like following by fashion fanatics.




Time Revolution First Treatment Essence – MISSHA

best korean beauty products

The heart of Korean skincare regimen. This essence helps hydrate and repair the skin and increase cell turnover. The 80% Fermented Yeast Concentrate and Vitamin B3 absorbs easily into the skin and nourishes it to enhance skin elasticity and brings a shine to the face.



Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack – Nature Republic 

best korean beauty products

Harsh climatic environments and hair styling tools and products leave our hair lifeless and unappealing. However, this nutritional pack offers intensive care to damaged hair and brings back health and shine to it. This product is made up of argan oil, rosehip oil, and primrose oil that rejuvenate your hair with moisture and nutrition. Use it like a conditioner; after shampoo, leave it in for 15-20 mins and wash off. A must-have.




best korean beauty products

Exfoliation is good for the shine and outlook of the skin as it scrubs off dead cells, oil and dust that can result in potential acne or pimples. The product comes in the form of circular pads that are soaked in red wine being the fundamental ingredient. Red wine is good for you as it provides protection against fine lines and wrinkles and has anti-oxidizing properties.

The easy-to-use cotton pad cut has triple layer action which exfoliates mechanically and chemically. Use the pads to scrub in a circular motion all over your face. This can be used 1-2 times a week.



Beauty Water – SON & PARK 

best korean beauty products

A very popular product in Korea. Multitasking toner – it exfoliates as well as moisturizes.Toners are used after cleansers to hydrate the skin. This product is super refreshing, is not harsh on the skin like other toners. Natural ingredients like coconut, willow bark, papaya extract, lavender water, rose flower water make it healthy for the skin.



Clean It Zero Classic – BANILA CO 

best korean beauty products

The product residue cleaner washes off all stubborn product from your face or skin.  The papaya and acerola extract work in combination to break down all make up chemicals on your skin whilst not stripping your skin of its natural oils.



Acne Pimple Master Patch – COSRX 

best korean beauty products

Packaged in thin clear hydrocolloid patches that stick to your skin and are layered with ingredients that calm down your breakouts and can sometimes help disappear a pimple overnight.



Pore Beauty Nose Pack – SKINMISO

best korean beauty products

This product from SKINMISO are essentially strip masks used to remove blackheads from the roots and shrink pores to prevent another breakout. Two masks are included in the package and an after-use serum to rehydrate the skin. First mask brings the blackheads to the surface for easy extraction. The second mask tightens the pores and helps with redness or irritation.



Real Fresh Green Tea Cleansing Stick – NEOGEN

best korean beauty products

Koreans are really passionate about double cleansing. After the oil-based cleanser, this water based cleanser provides double cleansing action to ensure all dirt, oil and make up residue has been removed from the face.

It’s a foam cleanser which is made up of 13 natural oils and natural green tea leaves to remove make up and clear your skin without damaging it in any way.



Sheet Masks

best korean beauty products

Sheets masks are a must-have skin care item. Packaged sheets masks are layered with all natural ingredient gel-like product and are cut out for the face, just peel the paper off the mask and keep it on for 15-20 minutes.

The top names are in the market which sell sheet masks are Klavuu, MISSHA, Manefit ‘Bling Bling’, TONYMOLY, Too Cool for School, Etude House ‘I Need You’, Mugwort etc. Every mask features are different ingredient varying from honey, fruits, rose, ginseng root, honey, wine, tea tree extract, and even snail secretion.

All of these are categorized in brightening, anti-aging, hydrating and acne-protection face masks.



Day-Light Protection Sun Screen – NEOGEN 

best korean beauty products

This light sunscreen is made up of rose, honey and raspberry extract whilst still offering 50 SPF. It protects from the sun and leaves the skin refreshed. It’s non-greasy and easy to blend. It is safe to be worn under makeup all day.



Air Cushion Matte Finish – Iope 

best korean beauty products

This brand of foundation cushion gives good coverage and has long lasting throughout the day. Enriched with mineral formula, it is best for UV protection, whitening and its anti-aging properties. Recommended and used by many makeup geeks, this one rates high among its competitors.

Other good ones are Clio Kill Cover, TROIPEEL H+ Cushion, PONY EFFECT everlasting cushion foundation, etc.



Perfect Cover BB Cream – MISSHA 

best korean beauty products

This multi-purpose covering cream has anti-aging and brightening effect whilst hiding blemishes and discoloring. It evens out the skin tone and also protects the skin from damage from the sun and environment.



Art Class Contouring – Too Cool For School 

best korean beauty products

This brand is known for producing delightfully aesthetic packaged products. This product has a compact which features three different shades of nude to offer more variety for contouring possibilities. It can suit any skin tone and really easy to blend and use.



Etude House Blushers

best korean beauty products

This name is huge in the market beauty. In addition to other beauty products, ETUDE HOUSE makes really good tints and blushers. There are a number of colors and shades available that are soft and long lasting and very popular.



Dailism Waterdrop Lip Tint – Heimish 

best korean beauty products

There are various products in the market for lip tints, lip colors and lipsticks. This is a Natural Stain for long-lasting. It helps keep your lips soft and rosy. It is made with pure Vitamin Oil, rose of extract. The strong points of this products are its amazing scent, moisturizing affects, and dark pigmentation.

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