What do you think are the factors that shape us into who we are today? Our life experiences, you say? Sure. From the people we meet, the friends we’re surrounded by to the things that inspire us and the thoughts that invade our minds, all these factors have their fair share of contribution in evolving our personalities. Can the same be said about the books we read? Hell, why not!

For all those avid readers who love to lose themselves in the books of that specific genre, let us see what that favorite genre of yours says about your personality.



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If your favorite book genre happens to be Classical literature, you probably didn’t view your first classic novel as you do today. Perhaps if it weren’t for the reading assignments in high school, you wouldn’t even have read any of it. But as you got intimate with this genre, you touched upon that captivating, timeless realm of literary heritage with each outstanding piece you read.

So, what does it say about you? Well, if you do love classics then it suggests that you have an ingenious ability to try and contemplate on things from varied perspectives. You’re a great listener with successful social skills. You’re also a romantic at heart but people can’t just look at you and infer that.
You have an uncannily perceptive way that gives you a far better chance at deciphering others. People may not always agree with what you think but your distinguished ability to empathize makes them want to say everything out loud to you. You place a great value on the originality of ideas and the precision in expressions.

Humour and Satire




You are the life of the company. You’re charming (if not giving offense, of course) and witty strings naturally come out of your mouth. You are phenomenal at brainstorming and can artlessly think of things through unorthodox angles. You like it when people laugh at your expense and when you laugh, your laughter is irresistibly infectious! You are probably sharper than average and what’s more; you know how to keep your cool. Having you around is a treat as you are the cure to the multitude of ills. Turning the hostility into humor is the one best thing that comes to you far easily than it comes to others.

Mystery/ Thrillers


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You know exactly how to avert an otherwise mundane life from boredom to the epic thrills of adventure better than anyone else. You yourself have a mysterious air about you because you know it as well as anyone how appealing it is. You live in the present without letting the shadows of past or future stop you from enjoying the thrills of risk. You are attracted to the daredevil facets of things and like to make friends with venturesome people because at heart you’re in fact one of them.
Your high-spirited enthusiasm is palpable and your take on different aspects of life is even more fascinating. The little risk-taking adds up the spice in your life. While you are very persuasive, gifted with the gentle art of winning friends and influencing people, you know how to stand up to anyone who dares to take advantage of you or your loved ones.



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You have a strong imagination and a natural affinity for creativity. The dreamer in you has a downright appreciation for the author’s ability to spin a tale, seemingly out of thin air, which is so engaging. You have experienced what it’s like to be blissfully lost in the depths of magical creations. While you may be aware that none of the bewitchingly fantastic or horrible things in the imagined world exists, you relish the freedom and the escapism your imagination provides. Your mind basks in the power of visualization.


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You nurse a healthy appetite for artistry and creativity. Each of those magical moments you have invested your time in has helped sharpen your intuition and sensitivity. You are expressive and you like to figure out the intricacies of things.

You are very perceptive and a keen observer. You have a profound understanding of both yourself and the world around you. Reading about fictional characters gives you an in-depth knowledge about people in general by granting insights into the different psyches of characters. You have a heightened consciousness and can identify with the people better than others.



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To say you are a hopeless romantic is a forgone conclusion. If you love this genre, then you are well acquainted with the emotional roller coaster rides driven by love, loss, mystery, action, and heartache throughout the story. You dive right into the plot and swim along with the characters in their world, blowing bubbles of laughter, squealing with delight at each of their triumphs and even struggling with them to make it out alive. Then resurfacing, feeling slightly dazed yet victorious that you didn’t drown.
What you truly love is not just the character but what it stands for. You marvel at how a character grows despite the rainstorms and horrific circumstances. What sends you to cloud nine is when the characters find their happy endings. You are persistent and your strongest trait is that you try to take the good and leave the bad in life. You believe in true love and your optimism lets you see the best in others.



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Your dark side loves the thrill of a scare. The adrenaline rush you get from the sense of being in danger that makes the chills run down your spine – that’s part of the fun for you even if it’s just from reading. Witnessing madness, terror and depravity with the character takes you to another place. But you go to that place willingly even if it renders you unable to sleep for a week! You challenge your brave self and wonder how a person’s words can take you to this dark scary place and scare you senseless. By now, you can probably make accurate predictions about who will die at what point in every horror book you read.
But to say you enjoy having your morbidity unchained or that you have undergone some form of trauma as a child if you enjoy this genre would be incorrect. You are in fact a friendly, harmonious and fun-loving person whose only appeal for this genre lies in the thrilling rush spent while reading the book and later terrorizing your friends who are genuinely afraid.


Other genres


There are other genres or probably more than one different genres that you may like to read from time to time, depending on your mood. If so, you don’t have to settle for one. You may be that person who likes to try out new things. Whatever the case, the types of books you enjoy reading says a lot about you. Wanting to read from different categories and styles means that you are a well-rounded reader with an open mind and that there are many things that are yet to be explored and appreciated.

So, which one’s your favorite? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!